im Winter 1940
Dezember 1958
Tiefenbach 1959
Der Anbau 1964

Alpenhotel Tiefenbach

How it all started...


On the 5th of May 1939, Mr Gerhard Thielen rented a farmhouse about 300 year old with a barn in Tiefenbach. His pension was situated where today you can see our house ´Alpenblick´. In retrospect, concerning the founding, Mr. Thielen always says that the history of mankind started with ´Adam´, and that he himself also started like that. With his first guest, a woman called Frieda Adam from Siegen. Through this women, or rather trough her friend, 19 years later, in 1958, the fellow owner Mr. Ulrich Heinbach came to Tiefenbach as a guest to enjoy his holidays.

After word-war II, the ongoin rented house was used as a private recreation home and it was called „Evangelisches Erholungsheim“. At that time, it belonged to the association of protestant hospices. After the modification of the rented house, Gerhard Thielen had bought a bigger piece of land towards the valley and built his own house on it (where now the main building ´Hubertus´ is situated). After the sudden death of Gerhard Thielen, Ulrich Heinbach and his wife Martha, born Thielen, moved there in March 1964 with their first son, who was two years old at that time.
After a relatively short time, an annex arose, which was already filled with guests before Christmas. In 1965,  Ulrich Heinbach and his wife Martha officially took over the business management. In May 1969, for the 30th birthday, over 100 regular guests came. During that time, the modification to the hotel took place.

In the early 90s, a friend of the familiy (Dieter Vollmann) became part of the business and bought a part of the hotel. Afterwards he renovated it completely. Some years later, Vollmann offered to buy the entire hotel and the Heinbachs agreed.

In the summer of 2000, Dieter Vollmann died suddenly during a holiday. In the summer of 2005, his wife sold Alpenhotel Tiefenbach and the alpine horse riding center tot he present owners, the family Franz von Jutrezenka from Velbert. The year 2008 was one of the most successful ones since the company´s foundation with 35.000 guest-nights

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