Horse riding lessons

Lessons for beginners on horses and ponies:
Beginners from 7 years onwards as well as adults learn to handle the very calm and even-tempered trained horses. The first riding experiences are being made in single lessons on the lunge with an experienced riding teacher taking care of them at all times. Lunge lessons: 30 minutes.

Lessons for experienced riders on horses and ponies:
Experienced riders can choose between single lessons and group lessons.


Riding lessons on trained horses  
Single lesson € 35,00
Group lesson (2 persons) € 20,00
Group lesson (more than 2 persons) € 18,00
Lunge lesson (30 minutes) € 23,00
5 group lessons € 80,00
10 group lessons € 150,00
Hand-led pony riding (20 minutes) € 12,00
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