Places of Interest around Oberstdorf

Museum of Oberstdorf´s local history

A thoughtfully arranged museum with charm and charisma. 
In one of the richest collections of the Allgäu, this exhibition offers more than 700m2 of living village history in 38 lovingly decorated rooms.
The farmhouse, which was built in 1620, has been used as a museum since 1932. Some of the rooms are still in their original condition.  The exhibition gives interesting insights into the cultural, social and economic past of Oberstdorf.

Breitach Klamm


The entrance to the Breitachklamm is not far from Alpenhotel Tiefenbach. A unique natural miracle! The water of the ´Breitachklamm´ booms, roars and fizzes through the narrow gorge with vertical and overhanging walls that are almost one hundred meters high, water rushes down thundering over high shelves, whirling through deep holes and finally atomizes into fine droplets in which the light is being reflected.

Erdinger Arena (Schattenberg ski jump)

Yearly venue of the first ski jumping event of the four hills tournament

In the year 2003, the big K-120 jump and the ´Schattenberg´ arena, which can now host 18,000 persons, has been modernized for about 17 million Euro. It is still one of the most challenging tasks of the ski-jumping world cup. The whole area is state of the art and therefore has the best conditions for the nordic ski world championships, which took place in Oberstdorf for the second time in 2005 after 1987. The actual record is 143,5 meters, which was achieved on December 29, 2003 by Sigurd Pettersen.

Heini Klopfer Ski Jump

A visit to the Heini Klopfer Ski Jump is an experience to remember! Playful elegance and the seeming absence of gravity make the Heini-Klopfer ski jump unique. It fits harmoniously into the landscape and offers the ski jumpers the utmost sportive opportunities.


In the atmospheric old town hall in Oberstdorf, in the impressive surroundings of the ´Fellhorn´ and in the ´Walserhaus´ in Hirschegg you will learn all you have to know about the formation of the Allgäu Alps. You will find interesting exhibits of Flora and Fauna of the alpine region, a relief model of the entire Allgäu Alps, typical smells and noises of the mountains, "interactive" history from the stone age until the present.

Mountain cable cars

With the three mountain cable cars, you are in "heavenly" hights in an instant, no matter if it is summer and you want to come up for hiking or winter and you want to ski or snowboard. ´Fellhorn´ and ´Nebelhorn´ are both accessible by wheelchair.

The valley station of the Nebelhorn is situated next to the ice sports center in Oberstdorf. In winter, skiers of all levels will get their money´s worth. From the valley station (828m) the gondolas go up to 2.224 meters above sea level to the peak of the ´Nebelhorn´. Up there, three chair lifts await the skiers and, depending on the snow conditions, it is possible to ski down to the valley without any problems.
In summer, hikers find a signed network of hiking paths, for example a geologic nature trail. This is also the venture point for the via ferrata ´Hindelang´, which can only be used by experienced climbers.

The valley station of the Fellhorn cable car is situated between the ´Heini Klopfer ski jump´ and ´Birgsau´.
The Fellhorn ski area also makes the hearts of skiers beat faster. You can choose between two gondolas, one t-bar lift and three chair lifts. There is also a connecting lift to get to the Kanzelwand (two country ski area).
In summer, hikers will find "Germany´s most beautiful flower mountain" there. You can take part in guided excursions on the flower and nature trails and also in visitations of a cheese dairy at the "Sennalpe Schlappold".

From the ´Fellhorn´, there is a tightrope walk to the peak station of the Söllereck. The Söllereck gondola  is very attractive in winter (four t-bar lifts) as well as in summer for mountain hikes and tours.

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